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RE: Educational Institutions’ Commitments to Accessible Technology

Resolution 2015-03

Regarding Educational Institutions’ Commitments to Accessible Technology

WHEREAS, access to information is critical to education, career advancement, independence, and living a well-informed personal and professional life; and

WHEREAS, in the past decade the shift from print to digital information in educational institutions has been transformative; and

WHEREAS, digital technology and information have become an essential and integral part of education today; and

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RE: The Business Enterprise Program in Arizona


Regarding the Business Enterprise Program in Arizona

WHEREAS, ARS 23-504, otherwise known as Arizona’s Mini Randolph-Shepherd Act, gives the same priority to qualified blind and visually impaired vendors as does the Randolph-Shepherd Act at the federal level; and

WHEREAS, under the Randolph-Sheppard program, the State Licensing Agency train and place individuals who are blind as operators of vending and dining facilities in federal, state and local government facilities; and

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RE: Orientation and Mobility Instruction for Children

Resolution 2015-01

Regarding Orientation and Mobility Instruction for Children

WHEREAS, skills in orientation and mobility (O&M) are essential for the successful transition of blind children, including children with low vision, to full and productive lives as adults; and

WHEREAS, local and state laws recognize the use of the long white cane as a tool for both safety and independence for blind people, yet too many school systems statewide do not promote the use of the white cane by blind students; and

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News and Views October 2015

National Federation of the Blind of Arizona

News and Views

October, 2015

In This Issue

Greetings from Our President
Word on the Street
Guess Who Just Took Another Trip Around the Sun
NFBA Presidential Report
Our Book: Building the Lives We Want
What to Expect at VRATE
Free Weekly Martial Arts Class
Updating to iOS 9
Somewhere Abroad: Berlin
Are You Safe at Home, Part 3
The Bookshelf, 2 Selections
Healthy Choice, Healthy Living, 10 Minute Workout
Links of Interest to Share
The Recipe Box, Cheeseburger Casserole
Word Twist
A Round of Applause
Debbies List

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Presidential Message September 2015

September 1, 2015

Hello, fellow Federationists,

I am attaching the NFBA state convention agenda as both an MS Word and RTF file formats. I am also attaching our pre-registration form in case you have neglected to fill it out and send it. We are just over a week from our September 10 through 13 state convention! We will be at the Crown

Plaza Hotel
2532 W. Peoria Ave.
Phoenix AZ 85029

Reservations number 800 227-6963

Please make your reservations soon as possible!

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Presidential Message June 2015

June 1, 2015

Hello, Fellow Federationists,

Our editor of the NFBA monthly newsletter, Debi Black, is still unavailable to publish a June newsletter, so we are sending out the NFBA president’s monthly message.

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Presidential Message May 2015

May 5, 2015
Hello, fellow Federationists,

May is gardening time at our house, so we are outdoors quite a bit. I hope
you will picnic, hike, or get to enjoy our Spring climate!

We are preparing for convention season, making air and hotel reservations
and all the household arrangements needed to be away for over a week. I am
told that the NFB convention hotel is already referring new reservations to
our Rosen Center overflow hotel. If you have not already made your national
convention plans, do so immediately!

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Presidential Message January 2015

January 10, 2015

Hello, fellow Federationists,

Happy New Year! The NFB will celebrate our 75th anniversary this year, so watch our website for news of events.

I am attaching our NFBA state roster in both MS Word format and RTF format for your use. If this roster contains incorrect or outdated information, please call or email me with corrections.

Please take a look at our refurbished NFBA webpage. It is still in process of undergoing a facelift, but contains more information and links, with more to come!

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News and Views April 2015

National Federation of the Blind of Arizona

News and Views

April, 2015

In This Issue

Greetings from Our President

Word on the street

Guess Who Just Took Another Trip Around the Sun

Phoenix Seminar Recap

New NFB Connect App

Arizona is about to Ring the BELL for the 2nd Time and We Need You

The NFBA Membership Team is Hitting the Road

Valley Metro Regional Transit Plan Survey

Attention Guidedog Committee Members and Enthusiasts

Student Division Goalball Tournament

Video On Demand TV Programming for Children Now Accessible

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RE: Vendor Opportunities in Arizona

RE: Vendor Opportunities in Arizona

WHEREAS, the Arizona Business Enterprise Program (AZBEP) operates under federal regulation 395.14 (B), and Arizona revised statute 23-504, and is administered by the assigned State Licensing Agency (SLA) – Arizona Rehabilitation Services Administration; and

WHEREAS, under said authority the AZBEP holds the contracts for military dining services at US Army base Fort Huachuca, Sierra Vista, Arizona, and visitation vending services at Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) prison complexes; and

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