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2017 NFB Of Arizona State Scholarship Program

Scholarship Submissions Checklist
Review your application for completeness by using the following checklist.
[   ] Completed 2017 Scholarship Application Form
You can access the state application form online (, and
then either E-mail it to or print it out and mail
it to the state scholarship chairman (see contact information below).
A copy of the national scholarship application will also be accepted.
[   ] An essay of about 500 words, describing your professional goals,
how your education will assist in reaching them and what brought you
to this place; your community involvement and leadership experience
are also desired information.
[   ] Two Letters of Recommendation
You are required to provide two letters of recommendation from
individuals that can describe your academic ability, leadership
skills, and/or community involvement.
Note that this differs from the national scholarship program, only
requiring one letter of recommendation.
[   ] Required Transcripts
You are required to provide us with transcript from the institution
you are currently attending and transcripts from all other
postsecondary institutions you’ve attended.  If you have attended less
than one year of higher education, provide your high school
transcript.  (Note:  Some schools prefer to send transcripts directly
to scholarship programs.  We accept transcripts in print or via e-mail
from institutions.)
[   ] College Entrance Examination Reports
This requirement only applies to high school seniors.  Attach a
photocopy of your score reports for all standardized tests taken for
college admission, (ACT, SAT, or other).
[   ] Proof of Legal Blindness
You are required to provide a statement from a qualified professional
that certifies you meet the federal definition of “legally blind.”
Certifying Authority: The NFB form is preferred; alternately you may
submit a signed statement on business letterhead. Either one must be
completed by a trained certifying authority, such as an optician,
optometrist, ophthalmologist, physician; itinerant teacher of the
blind, rehabilitation counselor, or other professional in work with
the blind; or the president of a local chapter or state affiliate of
the National Federation of the Blind.
[   ] Affiliate President’s Letter
The Federation has affiliates in every state, the District of
Columbia, and Puerto Rico. After speaking with you, affiliate
presidents or their designees complete letters which they will send
directly to the chairperson of the Scholarship Committee.  If you live
in one state and attend school in another, you may contact either
affiliate president.  Arizona’s president is Donald Porterfield, whose
phone is 520-850-2180 and Email is

Mail your print application and attachments to the state scholarship chairman:
Marcus Schmidt
310 West Medlock Dr, #2
Phoenix, AZ 85013

For questions, please call Marcus at 602-758-0057.

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