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East Valley Raffle

By Debra Smith

The East Valley Chapter will hold an exciting raffle, with a $1000 cash Prize to be awarded. The raffle is a way for ticket sellers to earn money to be put towards a state or national convention. For every $100 worth of raffle tickets that an individual sells, $50 Will go towards the individuals cost of attending a convention. Monies raised from this fund raiser will not only benefit the East Valley Chapter, but will be shared with the state affiliate as well.

This 6 month sale begins February 20, and will finish August 20. All money and tickets must be turned in by the August East Valley Chapter meeting. Individuals from other chapters are also welcome to sell tickets, so that they may earn some money to go to convention as well.  We will get checks to people at least a week prior to our state convention.

Someone has asked, if they sell $100 worth of tickets, but they are not going to convention, can they still have the $50? No, this is a fund raiser for the chapter, and funds can only be used for the state or national conventions. Also, if you turn in a total with an odd amount, such as $130.00, you will only receive $50.

If a member gets busy and wants to use their share for national convention, then let me know in June and we can work the details out.

Tickets are $5.00 each.

Ways to sell raffle tickets:

Make a plan. Make a list of family events, and make sure you take your tickets with you. Send a letter or email to each of your friends and family members, and tell them what you are doing, and why the NFB is important to you. Ask them to purchase a ticket. Develop a Facebook page. After you sell a raffle ticket to someone, make sure you send them a personal thank you note. If we do this fund raiser in the future, thank them again and give them an overview on the past years fund raiser . Be sure to ask them to support our organization again.

We will have volunteers from the fund raising committee to help you develop a Facebook page and to write letters if you wish. We will also develop a webpage, where people can purchase the Please, do not hesitate to ask for help. The current members on the committee are Debi Chatfield, Joe Goode, Garret Mooney, Brittney Bomboy, Megan Homrighausen, and I. If you would like to join us, please let me know.

You may contact me with questions at, 480 299 4541 or

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